The following guide my personal life as well as my writing/speaking/podcasting:

Personalism: Regarding all humans as persons with dignity, holding oneself responsible for caring for others and doing good work, and respecting the freedom of others.

Meaningful Work: Finding and initiating work that is helpful and creative, making use of everyone’s gifts to promote the common good.

Non-Violence: Acting, speaking, and thinking in a way that returns good for evil as Jesus commanded.  Seeking to replace the violence of war, greed, and hatred with peace-making, generosity, and love.

Communal Responsibility: Supporting family, community, cooperation and free enterprises owned and led by their workers. Building an economy where everyone can lead and participate.

The Works of Mercy:  Giving of our personal resources, time, will, and knowledge to show compassion as delineated in Matthew 25 and the 14 Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.

Simplicity:  Meeting our needs through living simply and cooperatively affords more freedom to give of ourselves and connect with those who involuntarily experience want and poverty.

Faith: Following Jesus and invoking the presence of God together through worship, liturgical prayer, intentional community, art-making, and church participation.

A Return to the Land: Forming restorative relationships with the non-human world through meaningful work, growing food, advancing local farms and gardens, respecting our home on the land, and demonstrating gratefulness for the beautiful world God has made.


**These principles were heavily influenced by the Aims and Means of the Catholic Worker Movement, and forged by members of the Denton Catholic Worker.