Shannon K. Evans


... because calling it a "mission" feels like setting myself up for failure.

My hope for this space is that it would inspire us all to live with arms open wider. As my favorite night prayer antiphon says, the love of God is unwearied towards us. I'm still waiting for the day when we can say the same about our love for one other.


catholic worker

My family and I live in intentional community with others in the Catholic Worker here in our neck of the woods in north Texas. Practically this looks like a commitment to a set of shared values including simplicity, hospitality, personalism, meaningful work, nonviolence, and prayer. Impractically this looks like sharing daily life together and trying not to kill one another. It's a work in progress.



Interested in justice issues, spirituality, well written fiction, or culturally inclusive children's books? Let me make it easier to find your next read.


I have the undeserved privilege of co-hosting the Upside Down Podcast with Lindsy WallaceLori HarrisKristi James, and Kayla Craig. We are an ecumenical mix of Christian women living counter-culturally in the Upside Down kingdom, and twice a month we gather for conversations on life and faith.


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