Shannon K. Evans


My hope for this space is to extend an invitation to an inclusive Christianity; to a faith that serves, not our own personal interests, but the common good; a faith that embraces the stories of others and commits to learn from and walk beside them rather than seek to change them; a faith that takes the Incarnation of Christ seriously and believes God is found nearest in the face of your neighbor.



I like to say that my offerings through writing, speaking, and podcasting always find their roots in Catholic Social Thought, but you might be wondering what exactly that means. Find out more about what you can expect from my work through these outlined values. 



Interested in justice issues, spirituality, well written fiction, or culturally inclusive children's books? Let me make it easier to find your next read.


I have the undeserved privilege of co-hosting the Upside Down Podcast with Lindsy Wallace and Kayla Craig. We are an ecumenical mix of Christian women living counter-culturally in the Upside Down kingdom, and twice a month we gather for conversations on life and faith.


To find out more or to listen to episodes, head to our website.