You want to believe that your Christian faith can unite you to humanity, not divide you from it. You're tired of seeing the world as "us and them" and know the Incarnation must have done more than that. You're ready to tell the truth and to hear the truth: that we have a shared brokenness, and the shards of that very brokenness are what make us luminous when we stand side by side and face the Sun.

I'm Shannon, and I want those things too.  I hope what you find in these pages might aid you on your own journey of leaving the world a little softer than you found it. I write from a deep (if imperfectly realized) conviction that living out the revelation of Christ in the manner he laid out for us is not only possible, it's necessary. Following this untamed way of Love is the surest way to topple unjust systems and rediscover the image of God within every person, and I think we can do it, you and I—together.

'Round these parts you can expect to hear about the radical implications of the Christian faith and living a wholistic life of peace through a contemplative lens. I'm a wife and mother through the miraculous gifts of adoption and my birth canal, so you'll see a lot of family themes frequent these pages too. The six of us live and love and fight and cry and breathe alongside other sojourners in a little Midwestern college town, clawing for community and authenticity because we believe that human beings weren't meant to be alone.

From the bottom of my heart, whoever you are, whatever you believe, wherever you're from: welcome.